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"Larry and Mary, you both did an excellent job. I absolutely loved hearing Mary's voice, it was so warm and inviting. I also learned things about Abraham Lincoln that I never knew . . . I would gladly recommend both of you to anyone!"

--Krystal Cundiff, Lindsey Wilson College

Our Story

Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, KY. My family is also from Hodgenville and most of my deceased relatives are buried there. As a boy, I remember playing in the town Square, just as Abe probably did. Abraham Lincoln was always an idol of mine. I grew to 6"4' tall and 180 lbs; married a lady named Mary and had four sons - just like Abe!

In 2003 I entered a Lincoln look-a-like contest in Hodgenville and began reading about this great man. After an extensive study of his life, I decided to purchase a complete period-correct Abraham Lincoln costume and began portraying him.

In 2005, when I learned that my great, great, great, grandmother (Mary LaRue Enlow) was the midwife who helped deliver Abraham Lincoln, I knew this vocation was for me.

I can now portray Mr. Lincoln in the first person, from his humble roots in Kentucky, to growing up in Indiana, to becoming a self taught lawyer in Illinois, to becoming our sixteenth President who preserved the Union and freed the slaves, to his untimely death at Fords Theatre.

Two years ago, after much reading about Mary Todd Lincoln and the integral role she played in history, my wife Mary began portraying the First Lady with me. We tell our story of just how much our lives initially contrasted. We include our childhood years, how we met, and events leading up to that new birth of freedom speech, The Gettysburg Address.

Give us a call - we'll give you some entertaining and inspiring history!

Larry Like Lincoln at the Bahamas Historical Society.

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--Larry Elliott, Lincoln Presenter

Gettysburg Address

" Our experience with the Lincolns says you will be pleased with their performance & program." --Roy Overshiner, OSD